Berghotel Chalet Reinerhof
Tauferer Ahrntal Valley


Reinbach Waterfalls

An impressive natural spectacle alongside the Franziskusweg near Sand in Taufers.

Castello di Tures

The mighty Castello di Tures is the dynastic seat of the Barons of Taufers and showcases impressive, fortified grounds. The well-preserved castle is one of the biggest and finest castles in South Tyrol.

Neves Lake

The Neves Lake, at an elevation of 1,860 m, is located at the foot of the majestic summits of the Zillertaler Alps. An ideal starting point for mountain hikes and alpine tours.

Predoi Mine + Climate Shaft

The mine and climate shaft, no longer in operation, takes you 1,000 meters underground and offers information about the life of the miners and new kinds of respiratory tract treatments (Speleotherapy).

Mineral Museum

Exhibits more than 950 mineral types from the Ziller Valley region and Upper Tauern region formed 30 million years ago in the very depth of our planet Earth. 300 m² of exhibits in St. Johann at Ahrntal Valley.


The name "Maranatha" is Aramaic, Jesus’ mother tongue, meaning "Our Lord May Come". A unique exhibit, the one and only in Alto Adige.

Museum of Folk Traditions

The Museum of Folk Traditions in Dietenheim by Bruneck displays a variety of open-air exhibition grounds and provides a unique insight into the old ways of life.

Messner Mountain Museum

The fifth museum dedicated to Reinhold Messner at Bruneck Castle is all about the mountain people. It displays expos of everyday life and culture of the local mountain people (like Sherpa, Indios, Tibeter, Walser, Mongols, Hunza).


The scenic village of Brunico is located in the centre of the Puster Valley. Modern and medieval charm creates a very special kind of harmony. The historical "Stadtgasse" invites you to linger about with its numerous restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. Enjoy a weekly (Wednesday) market with lots of local products.